January 2018
Team Building & DNGO Concept Design
Exploration of DNGO Concept.
Initial steps of creating books project of DNGO.
February 2018
Research & Development
Logging in with Steem Connect v2.
Reading & writing Steem blockchain
February 2018
DNGO Bluepaper Genesis Released
Detailed information about DNGO Concept and Books Project.
March 2018
DNGO Alpha Release
Blockchain reading/writing and Steem Connect v2 tests completed.
March 2018
Steemian physical meet up in Izmir, TR

Google Maps Static Image

Talking about DNGO Concept and opportunities of Steem Blockchain.
March 2018
DNGO Team is growing
@omeratagun joined project as Supervisor.
March 2018
Closed beta released
Users started to contribute with test records.
March 2018
Steemian physical meet up #2 in Izmir, TR

Recheck of the project before multilingual public release.
April 2018
Project announcement and open beta release
Project announcements from different channels and all users starting to contribute.
April 2018
Moderation Team Building
Moderators joining team to accelerate growth.
Q2 2018
What is next?
Advisory Board Building
Crowd Funding for Steem Power Delegations
Including New Team Members
Starting DNGO Community Fund Account and Making Our First Donation
Releasing Kali and Integrating It to Our System
Q3 2018
And then!
Multi-language User Interface
Introducing DNGO Books Project to NGOs Located in Germany, USA and Turkey
Becoming an Open-Source project